5 Ways to Give the Perfect Gift According to Science

Patti MayonnaiseDecember 2, 20151,163 Views
Photo Courtesy of Mises.ca Photo Courtesy of Mises.ca

While wrapping up that huge present may feel quite gratifying, researchers are discovering that gift recipients tend to feel a closer connection with you when you’ve chosen an item which reflects your own interest. This is in direct contrast to how gift giving was previously perceived in seeking gifts to mirror the recipient’s interests. Interestingly enough, scientists also determined that romantic relationships call for the female partner to be a great deal more cautious when gifting to a man as this can potentially nurture the pairing. Their research has concluded there are 5 elementary tips to better gifting this holiday season.

Image via Spoiledpretty.com

Image via Spoiledpretty.com


Give a Reflection of You

Research from the study has suggested that gift givers personalize presents to reflect themselves. According to a series of studies, psychologists report that intimacy between gift giver and recipient is most apparent when a present is exchanged which symbolizes the giver’s true self. One particular experiment utilized 122 university students by instructing some to gift iTunes songs representing their true identity and others to reflect their perception of the recipient. The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology published the findings saying, “Surprisingly, both givers and receivers report greater feelings of closeness to their gift partner when the gift reflects the giver.”

Photo Courtesy of Paulkipnes.com

Photo Courtesy of Paulkipnes.com


Be Careful with Gifts to Men

According to a 2008 study published in the journal Social Cognition, bad gifts can make a man feel less similar to the gifter. By testing couples’ reactions to presents they believed their partner had chosen, they determined that “women’s outlook on the relationship’s future was impervious to receiving a bad versus good gift.” However, men reported a significant reduction in intimacy and their evaluation of their relationship’s potential going forward when dissatisfied with a gift.

Photo Credit: Easy1001.com

Photo Credit: Easy1001.com


Less is More

Through a series of seven experiments, scientists discovered that recipients subconsciously “average the values of the individual components when forming an impression of the bundle overall. Essentially, they will ultimately value your present far less when something large is bundled with numerous small items. For instance, gifting a big, generous present and tucking in a small “stocking stuffer” like a gift card can detract from their appreciation of the main item.

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