A Beginner’s Guide to Homemade Magnetic Slime

Patti MayonnaiseApril 5, 20161,785 Views
Photo Credit: Dave Hax/YouTube.com Photo Credit: Dave Hax/YouTube.com

Since a vast majority of science experiments come with the all too familiar warning label of “Don’t Try This at Home,” we may be a bit overly excited about the awesome new video tutorial on YouTube explaining the how to’s of homemade magnetic putty.

While the grand finale may resemble some cheap dollar store putty, there is far more enjoyment to be had than the typical five minutes of fun you remember from childhood. With a handful of simple, affordable ingredients and 20 minutes of your time, you can gain endless entertainment and fulfill your secret mad scientist fantasy in one fell swoop.

From the creator of the ridiculously cool YouTube video instructing beginners on making rockets out of matchsticks, Dave Hax blows us away once more with his brilliant use of Elmer’s glue, Borax powder and iron filings here below. Obviously, we suggest employing a pair of safety goggles and a lab coat. After the safety measures are in place, amateur scientists prepare to be amazed.




If you really want to wow your friends, try investing in an assortment of cool magnets for your homemade slime. Check out the simple steps below or watch the above video by Dave Hax for the basics of gooey magnetic science.

1. Empty your tube of glue into a bowl, rinsing the tube out afterwards to clean it of all remaining glue.
2. Create the Borax mixture by placing a tablespoon of the powder into a water jug (or just use detergent or starch with Borax in it.)
3. Add this new Borax mix to the bowl of glue while stirring continuously.
4. Slowly but surely, the clumpy mess will turn slimy leaving you with a putty-like slime ball to work with.
5. Finally, you simply throw in the iron filings while kneading it much like dough until you’re left with a grey speckled ooze.

Now, go get weird my fellow science freaks!

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