Animals and Humans Experience the Same Effects while Intoxicated

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While some animals are intentionally given alcohol or illicit drugs for testing purposes, many consume these items in nature and demonstrate the same behaviors as humans. Tests have already confirmed that intoxicated birds slur while in song. Many animals are observed in an effort to distinguish a likeness between animals and humans when exposed to the same substance.


Elephants tend to forage for the most accessible form of nutrition and hydration. This includes drinking from streams, eating fruits and leaves from easily accessible plants. Some of these fruits have fermented and the liquid inside becomes intoxicating. This is the same as drinking a glass of wine or a spirit.

Although elephants are large in size, a single meal of fermented fruit or fermented fruit juices in nature leave them stumbling and slightly confused.

Rats drunkanimals2

Rats are used for hundreds of testing procedures around the world for thousands of purposes. Rats have been tested to consume items by choice. They will drink alcohol and become intoxicated. They do experience confusion after ingesting marijuana and fatigue-like symptoms are experienced after using prescription medication.

The chemicals in these items affect their brains just as they do ours.


Wallabies eat foliage and vegetation in nature. They are attracted to the poppy flower. Poppies drunkanimalscontain opiates, also known as opium. This causes hallucinogenic effects while mellowing their disposition for a period of time. Wallabies also experience heightened senses upon intoxication from opium.

What science proves here is, regardless of the living creature consuming an intoxicant, the same effects are observed. Animals often experience extreme sensitivities to these intoxicants due to their body size, just as humans do. Wildlife including bears and monkeys often choose an alcoholic beverage over sugary drinks and experience intoxication. Of course it is entertaining to watch, appreciating the science behind the chemical reactions is equally rewarding for educational value purposes.

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