Another Reason to Love the Science Conscious Pope Francis

Patti MayonnaiseJanuary 3, 2015513 Views

Although the notion of science and religion seemingly contradicting one another is nothing new, there has been a recent heated debate amidst the concepts which has sparked a renewed conflict. The vast majority of theorists find the essential issue lies within topics such as the big bang, evolution and even climate change. Since creationists find the evolutionary aspect of science to be erroneous, there are some fundamental problems between these two monumental entities. For this reason, most would assume that the pope (of all people) would renounce such controversial subject matters or at the very least shy away from them. However, as we have pope1slowly been learning, Pope Francis is definitely not like the rest.

Not only has Pope Francis changed the game with his welcoming invitation to gays and lesbians within the Catholic Church, he is an avid lover of science with quite the analytical mind. Instead of contradicting what is being taught in classrooms through centuries of study, the pontiff believes that these two concepts can be embraced without necessarily causing conflict. While this line of thinking may come naturally to Pope Francis, it still comes as a shock to those familiar with past leaders within the Catholic faith and merely gives us yet another reason to adore the new pope. Furthermore, the pontiff endorsed two of the most controversial conflicts within the science arena (the big bang and evolution) at a speech he made for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

He was quoted conveying that the Big Bang theory is widely deemed the origin of the universe pope2and does not necessarily conflict with God’s creative intervention. In fact, he went on to explain that in regards to evolution, God is not “a magician.” Pope Francis illustrated that God is said to be the creator who brought all to life. Therefore, in one speech, the new pontiff managed to dispel any doubt that he is not only an accepting and welcoming pope, but also a wise and open minded one.


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