Antidepressant May Reduce Symptoms of Herpes According to Animal Testing

Patti MayonnaiseJanuary 3, 2015894 Views

A commonly prescribed antidepressant of the 1960s may very well be the answer that so many individuals suffering from the herpes virus have been seeking. Decades ago, the antidepressant tranylcypromine was sold under the name Parnate. However, recent animal laboratory testing has shown that the drug inhibits the initial onset of herpes infection among subjects. In fact, the medicine has even made the virus less infectious according to researchers. The primary medscomponent of tranylcypromine is said to block the stimulation of LSD1 which is a protein among most mammals including humans.

The virus utilizes LSD1 in order to spark genes that serve to infect the host within the person’s sensory nerves. Subsequently, this action releases the virus freely to eventually cause symptoms in the host. However with the drug, this viral gene’s stimulation can be stopped in large part making a substantial alteration in the herpes virus itself. While it does not alter the DNA structure, tranylcypromine acts to hone in on the detrimental protein which in turn reduces viral strains that may otherwise become immune or resistant to commonplace medical cures. Researchers have conducted tests using the antidepressant within guinea pigs, mice and rabbits. All have thus far supported the concept that the drug can in fact prevent some cases of initial infection as well as flare ups of the virus.  meds2

There are a handful of studies which indicate that the positive effects of the medicine on the infection may be amplified when utilized along with a typical herpes medication referred to as acyclovir. Not only are these studies great news for those affected by the incurable virus worldwide, the studies have proven to decrease potential spreading of those exposed to herpes. In addition, these studies are assisting in the prevention of the inevitable evolution of various herpes strains which can potentially be more serious.


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