Breast Milk Protein Could Protect Against Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Patti MayonnaiseJanuary 26, 2016762 Views
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Superbugs and antibiotic resistant bacteria are difficult to treat. Some, completely untreatable. The body is not always able to produce the right fighting mechanisms to make itself better. Researchers have found that a protein in breast milk may just be the trick to fighting antibiotic resistant bacteria.
Some researchers believe that the human body may be close to a post-antibiotic era, where many common illnesses may soon become untreatable. The protein in breast milk called lactoferrin may be the answer that scientists have been looking for all this time. Lactoferrin is the protein that helps newborns fight infection. This is one of the main reasons that nurses urge immediate nursing upon birth, or very soon after giving birth.
This protein is capable of killing bacteria, viruses and fungi effectively. The process is proven to work in lab studies as microoganisms are depleted as holes are created in the protective cell membrane. The research involved creating a virus-mimicking capsule using the protein. It is able to recognize and pinpoint specific bacteria. The surrounding cells were left unharmed.
Additional research is needed in order to gain FDA approval and to provide proper statistical information ensuring that lactoferrin is the answer to these untreatable ailments. This breast milk protein works fast to destroy pathogens while also quickly identifying and attacking them.
The overall efficiency of this protein must be tested. This is for both safety purposes and for distribution by physicians. It will be quite some time before the protein is available on a larger scale to be used in medical facilities and prescribed by doctors.
Superbug outbreaks may be a thing of the past if further testing of lactoferrin proves what researchers already believe. Outbreaks of untreatable illnesses that often lead to death, occur mostly in large scale medical facilities from the use of improperly cleaned scope devices and other improperly cleaned devices that enter the body.

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