Crocodile Buffalo Hybrid Survived Only Hours

Patti MayonnaiseOctober 6, 20151,606 Views
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Youtube briefly had a new star as a video was posted of a half crocodile, half buffalo type animal recently born in Thailand. Unfortunately this unusual creature died of natural causes not long after being born. Shortly after the animal’s birth Matichon, a news organization in Thailand, filmed and posted the short video. During its brief life it was surrounded by lit candles and burning incense, which was believed to be a good luck charm for the animal.

Though the good luck didn’t take effect the animal was well loved by locals for the time it was alive. If this animal had survived it likely would have been considered a typical buffalo that happened to have a skin disorder which would have been considered quite nasty. The animal was shaped like a buffalo, yet its nose was elongated and its skin had scales resembling the scales found on a reptile.

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