Czech Artist Develops Design for an “Audiopill” Simulating an Internal Rave

Patti MayonnaiseFebruary 17, 2016899 Views
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An emerging Czech artist has designed a pill with the aim to simulate an intestinal rave inside your body. This “AudioPill” is an electronic gadget the user swallows to give them unique feelings of “restlessness, amazement and elation.” Upon ingesting the contraption, it begins vibrating for a total of 10 hours without a means of shutting it off. The beats per minute can however be adjusted between 95, 130 or 143 by utilizing a magnet placed against the skin externally.

Available in two colors and featuring flashing LEDs, the “experimental art device” is the brainchild of Jan Strmiska under the alias Jan Poope. His website indicates that he was the editor in chief of T3 Magazine previously as well as a member of the editorial team at Maxim before he set out on this endeavor to combine technology, medicine and raving.

It is important to note that his “Techno party you can’t escape” is in fact as dangerous as it sounds. Strmiska’s warning states:

“Swallowing this electronic capsule is based on the same principle as the medically approved capsule endoscopy. However, this is an experimental art device. During development of the device, many doctors and four polymer experts who were consulted on encasement materials, warned the author ‘to never ever swallow anything like this. Therefore, everything is at the user’s own risk. The author waives all responsibility for any potential health problems. It is also strongly recommended that you inspect your faeces to be sure the device has made it through and out safely (in approx. 48 hours).”



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