Drones Will Soon Swim and Fly Under Water

Patti MayonnaiseAugust 26, 2015821 Views

Though drones have only been capable of flying through the air up until now, the United States Navy is creating one that can not only fly underwater but swim as well. The drone was given the name of Flimmer by the U.S. Navy. The development of this drone began two years ago when a researcher at a U.S. Navel laboratory began to research it. The purpose of the drone’s development is to make advances in technology that can run on its own. The Flimmer starts out with a typical takeoff and at a specific location which is pre-determined it dips into a body of water and submerges itself. Once the drone is under the water it is programmed to swim to a specific location. Though in the air the Flimmer can travel as fast as 57MPH underwater its maximum speed is 11MPH. Though the Flimmer has not been completely developed yet, researchers are well on their way to completing it. Researchers are still struggling to find the exact right location in the water where its fins are activated. Flimmer 2 This is so that the drone itself does not interfere with aerodynamics or hydrodynamics, which has to do with where the wings will perform to the best of their ability. When it is ready for full time use the Flimmer will be used for activities such as sensing the presences of specific types of chemicals found in water and finding where oil spills have occurred. It could possibly be used to aid warfare missions underwater. The laboratory of the U.S. Navy has also been working on a drone they named the Cicada. The small drone can travel as fast as 46 MPH and provide much needed weather information for boaters. Any movement of troops through water is also something the Cicada will be able to detect.

Flimmer 3

Cicadas are only designed to work temporarily, as once they are released they can run until their battery is drained. This drone was inspired by the bug of the same name. Together, these two products have the ability to change the course of investigations taking place underwater.

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