E-cigs Contain Surprising Health Risks

Patti MayonnaiseJanuary 3, 2015599 Views

Electronic cigarettes debuted on the scene several years ago as a smoke free alternative for habitual smokers to get the addictive component of nicotine. While they have been marketed for years now as a healthier option for smokers, new studies have come to light exposing e-cigs for what they truly are and the dangerous carcinogens and toxic chemicals that they contain. These smokeless vape alternatives are comprised of a cocktail of harmful chemicals which researchers are now finding may eve cause bacterial infections that are not treatable with antibiotics, according to the latest study. While the engineers who developed electronic cigarettes may have set about to create a healthier smoke free option for nicotine addicts, these vapes actually cause inhalants that could potentially be significantly more dangerous despite the lack of smoke.ecigs1

Although some scientists still agree that a puff from an e-cig is less toxic than that of an ordinary cigarette, there are still several studies shining light on the numerous and largely unknown chemicals being inhaled with these smokeless substitutions. With a handful of studies now delving into the toxicity of these vapors, many scientists are now questioning retrospectively whether or not electronic cigarettes should at all be described as “safe.” According to a review back in May 2014 that was published by “Circulation,” a researcher by Glantz reported emerging evidence that the vapors users are inhaling have substantially more risks than previously thought. These components are said to trigger such detrimental effects as inflammation which has been associated with asthma, heart disease, diabetes and even strokes.

ecigs2The electronic cigarettes which have become so popular are now known to deliver exceedingly high intensities of nanoparticles that cause incredibly dangerous effects on the human body. With the latest studies finally being released, there is renewed concern about the heart disease and numerous other chronic conditions now linked to the smokeless option. While these vaping products have a projected estimate of nearly 2 billion dollars a year worldwide, it may very well be time for vaping shoppers to reevaluate their chosen alternative to ordinary cigarettes.

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