Google Patents New Smartwatch That Draws Blood Without Needles

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The new wearable smartwatch developed by Google could potentially help diabetics in easier monitoring their blood glucose levels. However, that is not all it can do. It is reported to be loaded with a wide ranging assortment of other health-centric features. The search engine giant has officially filed a patent for the wearable which enables users to take samples of blood without ever using a needle.
In fact, the patent even reveals that the gadget will be capable of sending an “abrupt surge” of gas into a cylindrical container made from a micro-particle. Next, it will puncture the skin in order to acquire a tiny drop of blood. According to the patent, “Such an application might be used to draw a small quantity of blood, for instance, for a glucose check.” Their patent was granted on December 3rd and applied as far back as May 2014.

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Currently, diabetics need to use a finger prick in order to draw blood and then use a glucose meter numerous times a day to measure their blood sugar. There are several handsets in the Android Wear smartwatch line of health trackers which now offer the ability to observe heart rates and monitor fitness. “Needle-free blood draw” is a new addition to the game though.
Just as you might guess, Google has been quiet about the matter releasing only one brief statement: “We hold patents on a wide range of concepts – a few of these concepts later mature into actual services or products, some do not. Potential product announcements shouldn’t necessarily be inferred from our patents.”

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News of the patent seems to coincide with recent reports that the ex-Head of Life Sciences for Google, Andy Conrad is now in charge of the newly formed Life Sciences company at Alphabet. Apparently, Google is working on the debut of a medical grade wristband. Conrad has mentioned that the wearable would have the same features of other smartwatches on the market, but with minute to minute updates. Furthermore, the gadget would even measure skin temperature delivering external data like sun exposure. Such traits make it more suitable to health monitoring than your average wearable.
Conrad released a statement saying, “Our intended use is for this to become a medical device that is prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials.”

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