Impending Global Catastrophes

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Our world is seemingly falling apart at the seams, leading to several impending global catastrophes. These catastrophes will damage our planet and put innocent lives in jeopardy. One such example is the forgotten supervolcano, located in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s supervolcano is known as Lake Toba, and is the world’s largest of its kind. In existence for 74,000 years, this massive volcano erupted more than two million years ago. Many cubic kilometers of worth of ashes have erupted from this volcano and damaged the earth. Scientists fear this supervolcano is one the verge of erupting again at any given moment. This would be very dangerous as, if it does erupt, it will do so among 50 million people who live around Lake Toba. The reason that scientists believe this volcano is about to erupt again is that volcanic gases have recently heated up the ground on Lake Toba.

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Hawaii’s Big Island is also home to a volcano that could erupt at any minute. If it did, it has the potential to dump 12,000 cubic kilometers worth of rocks into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. This would cause a giant tsunami to begin. Only a few hours later the tsunami would reach land in North America’s western seaboard.

Another tsunami that has the potential to occur at any time is the North Sea’s. If the climate were to melt quickly enough it would likely result in destruction to the land in Norway, Scotland and possibly even as far as London.

The Pacific Ocean’s bottom is in danger of enduring another tsunami that could affect those living in Vancouver, Seattle, Tacoma and Portland. It would likely have catastrophic consequences for residents of these cities.

People are being advised to prepare for the possibility of any of these global catastrophes occurring.

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