Man’s Car Gets Frozen Under Ice in New York

Patti MayonnaiseJanuary 13, 20161,039 Views
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After leaving his Mitsubishi Lancer parked next to Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York, Justin Yelen (24) went out for drinks for the night one Saturday evening with his friends. However, when he went to pick his vehicle up the next day, he was shocked to find his car was covered in inch-thick ice. Yelen vented to the local ABC news station, “I hope summer comes soon.”
It’s a well known fact that New York has some nasty winter weather, especially over the past few weeks. As some areas have received up to 34 inches of snow, it has certainly made up for their spring like weather at Christmas time. Right now, meteorologists are saying the area is susceptible to “lake effect snow.”
This is a phenomenon which happens when cold air masses move over comparatively warmer bodies of water like the lakes. When the warm lake water heats the bottom layers of air, the lake’s water evaporates into the cooler air. Subsequently, it will condense and form into snow clouds.
What has become known as the popsicle car was probably a result of the Great Lake’s waves. Sunday night, the area faced 47 mile per hour winds which caused massive waves. These waves were believed to have crashed onto the car and then froze throughout the night. Ultimately, it created the layers and layers of ice that formed.

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