Meet the Nation’s First Fast Food Experience with Zero Human Interaction

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The latest restaurant chain to debut in the United States is making serious waves with foodies and techies alike. Eatsa is very nearly fully automated and functions much like a vending machine as it supplies diners with freshly prepared bowls of quinoa. Dubbed one of the most influential restaurant brands in the entire industry by Nation’s Restaurant News, Eatsa customers will order their food via an iPad kiosk.

As hungry customers wait in front of a glass wall comprised of cubbies, their food will appear in the coinciding window when ready. The kitchen staff preparing menu items is hidden behind this wall. When orders become ready, a designated employee will place them into the proper cubbies and the window’s door will subsequently light up with the name of the customer who placed the order.

Eatsa’s entire dining experience is based on a process that necessitates absolutely NO human interaction between customers and employees. Their menu is comprised of a vast array of quinoa bowls featuring toppings ranging from Portobello mushrooms and edamame or corn to cheese, egg, nuts salsa and so much more.


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Prices average $6.95 making this a futuristic foodie experience that won’t break the bank. Customers also gain the opportunity to create their very own customized quinoa bowls right down to the ingredients. The Eatsa computer system maintains the information of every customer’s order within its memory displaying these minute details to all returning customers so as to make recommendations for new quinoa bowls based on their personal preferences.


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Their ultimate goal as a company and food chain is to “democratize access to nutritious food.” The Eatsa website openly states, “With our unique technology, we can provide better food, faster, and at an unprecedented price of just $6.95.”

With two locations already open in San Francisco and Los Angeles, they have plans set to add 10 more restaurants this year alone. Though Eatsa is the first dining venue of its kind currently in operation, the automated restaurant concept actually dates back to the early 1990s.


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