More Selfie Related Deaths Than Shark Attacks in 2015

Patti MayonnaiseOctober 6, 20153,994 Views
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People have been doing stupid things since the dawn of our existence. However, it hasn’t been until recently that we see people stupidly putting themselves in extremely dangerous situations simply for the sake of a picture to share via social media. A recent piece featured by Mashable tallied up the total number of selfie related fatalities just so far this year and the number was astounding. Surpassing double figures, it now stands at 12.

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Sadly, these deaths are not basic trips and falls, but severely dumbfounded acts on the parts of the deceased. One man from Spain was horribly mangled during a bull run while attempting a selfie. There were also two Russian men who met an untimely end photographing themselves with a live grenade. There was even a woman who shot herself in the head while trying to pose with a gun.

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While the number 12 may not sound so overwhelming, let’s put it in perspective for you. Compared with the number of shark deaths recorded throughout the exact same period, you have a total of 8. Two thirds as many have died from shark attacks! That’s not to say that selfies are more deadly or unsafe than sharks. However, we are saying that the amount of people putting themselves in ridiculously hazardous situations just to pose for a camera shot and a share on their social media account is really quite absurd.

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