1.1 Million Homes to be Powered by World’s Largest Solar Plant in Morocco

Patti MayonnaiseFebruary 10, 2016743 Views
Photo Credit: ClassFMonline.com Photo Credit: ClassFMonline.com

By 2018, over one million people living in Morocco will have their houses powered by a solar power plant. The solar power plant is a huge complex that is equipped to store power to be used in area homes after dark and on days where there are more clouds than sun. As of 2016, the complex can hold 160 megawatts but that number is expected to grow to more than 500 megawatts in 2018.

Estimates are that there will be 760,000,000 tons less of carbon emissions in the air thanks to this complex. Over the next 25 years, this would result in having 17.5 million tons less carbon emissions than there are now.

Morocco desperately needs this advance in resources to avoid having to continue using 97% of the total fossil fuel imported into the country. By using this new solar planet complex, the goal is to be able to use renewable resources to obtain 42% of the energy it needs between now and 2020. The solar plant complex is located in the Sahara Dessert, the only area large enough to accommodate this resource to help improve the environment.



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