Mountain Coaster Takes You Down the Alps

Patti MayonnaiseMarch 7, 20161,130 Views
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While Alpine skiing is a popular pastime for some, the new mountain coaster may keep them off of their skis for a while. Adventurists throughout Switzerland can’t get enough of tin made toboggans and with 24 separate locations to race them at, the fun can last all day.

Of the 24 toboggan race tracks some are open only during certain seasons while others are open every day, regardless of which season it is. The 1 kilometer tracks are often ridden on as fast as 25 MPH.

Both locals and tourists often stop by at least one of the 24 tracks to experience the thrill of this mountain coaster themselves. Though the toboggans only hold one person at a time, two or more people can be on a track at any given time.

Those who ride the mountain coaster are treated to unforgettable views of trees, lush grass and the beautiful mountain range in the background. Though not the most fast paced ride, it can provide a small thrill for people of all ages. This ride is not to be missed when visiting Switzerland.

Though there are other entertainment options throughout Switzerland none of the others are quite like this one. Even if someone only experiences it once in their lifetime it is still a great activity for spending time enjoying oneself.

The long winding tracks have just enough curves to make the ride fun without having it feel overwhelming to those who try it. This short but fun ride provides people with a great way to enjoy the fresh air and environment in Switzerland. Riders must pay to access the toboggans and can choose one to take their adventure on. For those who love roller coasters, the mountain coaster is sure to be a hit.

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