Never Before Seen Footage Captures Great White Shark Napping

Patti MayonnaiseJune 30, 20162,853 Views
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Despite all of the intrigue surrounding these kings of the deep, no one has ever actually managed to see a great white shark sleeping in their natural habitat. Fortunately, the scientific community can finally scratch that off of their bucket list. A team of researchers with the Pelagios Kakunja and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution recently captured the first ever camera footage of one of these fascinating creatures mid-sleep.
Spotting the shark in the shallow waters around Guadalupe Island close to Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, they found it swimming face first into a 1.8 mph current nearby a shallow seabed bottom. The great white was seeking oxygen rich water to easily flood its gills without effort. With mouth gaping open and lying perfectly still similar to a catatonic daze, the shark appeared to be sleeping.

Check out the incredible video below.



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