New 5D Eternal Discs Will Store Data Even After the Sun Has Burned Out

Patti MayonnaiseFebruary 17, 20161,457 Views
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Scientists with the University of Southampton’s Optical Research Center announced just yesterday that they have managed to perfect a record keeping technique using 5 dimensions which will keep data safe for billions of years. Their new method actually etches data into a thermally stable disc through femtosecond laser bursts.

Each storage medium can hold as much as 360 TB per disc and withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celsius. They are estimated to last an astounding 13.8 billion years at room temperature without showing signs of degradation.
Each one of these files is made up of three layers of nanoscale dots.

Orientations of the dots’ side along with their position within three standard dimensions establish its 5 dimensions. These dots alter the polarization of light that travels through each disc which can be read utilizing a microscope and polarizer.

The team at Southampton initially demonstrated this technology back in 2013. However, at that time, they could only fit a 300kb test file onto each disc. Over the course of three years, they were able to perfect the recording technique and have now recorded the entire Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Newton’s Opticks, Magna Carta and the King James Bible.

Professor Peter Kazansky of the ORC released a statement saying:
“It is thrilling to think that we have created the technology to preserve documents and information and store it in space for future generations. This technology can secure the last evidence of our civilization: all we’ve learnt will not be forgotten.”

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