Physicist Kip Thorne’s Mind-blowing Research Behind the Hollywood Hit “Interstellar”

Patti MayonnaiseJanuary 3, 2015529 Views

Whether you have seen Hollywood’s recent intergalactic epic “Interstellar” or not, it is worth noting that director Christopher Nolan and screenwriter Jonathan Nolan set about to create more than just a box office smash. The film is said to be one of the most accurate blockbusters set to a space backdrop ever developed. This is in large part due to Tinsel Town’s decision to collaborate with acclaimed physicist Kip Thorne for the entirety of the film. Following the success of the movie and the growing interest of leagues of fans and followers who simply cannot seem to get enough of the space odyssey, Kip Thorne has decided to release a book to the public illustrating the accuracy of his research that made the film so incredibly astonishing and blackhole1downright groundbreaking.

“The Science of Interstellar” is a thorough account of the Caltech physicist’s in depth studies into space travel. Kip Thorne relays to readers the exhaustive physics research that was used in the making of the film. What is more, he manages to illustrate the fantastic sights from the movie such as black holes, 4 thousand foot tall waves and numerous higher dimensions that were featured in the hit in such a manner that even the average layman can understand. Thorne boarded the project at its innocent fledgling origins back in 2005 when it was still just an idea for producer Lynda Obst. The longtime friend of Thorne, Obst wished to produce a film that would be accurate to the mind-blowing science that space travel holds while also intriguing audiences and sparking a newfound love of physics in a fresh faced generation of fans.

galaxy1In this book, readers will get an inside look into the considerable efforts put forth by Thorne and the Nolan brothers to create a groundbreaking intergalactic epic that would be true to the science of space. In the process, Thorne even expanded upon his own knowledge and education of the physical aspects and limits of the universe as we know it. Any science enthusiast will find the latest release by this genius physicist to be more than just an interesting read. “The Science of Interstellar” gives readers a glimpse into an expanse of the universe that they otherwise will never have the opportunity to see and comprehend.

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