Research Proves First-Person Shooter Video Games Rehabilitate Brains

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A recent study conducted by Macquarie University in Australia demonstrates that first-person shooter video games help rehabilitate the brain after a traumatic injury. The study concluded that cognitive repetition movements used while playing this genre of video games helps improve general cognitive skills.
Popular first-person shooter games include:

• Medal of Honor
• Call of Duty
• Battlefield
• Counter-Strike
• Half-Life
• BioShock

These games require problem solving, quick thinking and quick reactions. They force the brain to make a decision. They force actions to be taken. Participating in active scenes in first-person shooter and fantasy-type video games improved the patients’ ability to process information. It also helped improve attention deficits that are often experienced after a traumatic brain injury.


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A majority of traumatic brain injury patients are young males. Video games appeal to this demographic group and was ideal for the study. During the study, patients learned how to build strategies based upon the situation and comprehension skills.

At the conclusion of the study, it was found that participants in this study responded better to this method of treatment. Traditional treatments in a control group showed lower succession rates of regained cognitive skill development.


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After the study, participants remarked that they were able to complete normal daily tasks faster. Their memory of day-to-day routines improved. Their rates of task completion were better than those participating in a control group.

A little bit of video gaming can do some good if you take a good hit to the head. Expect the typical gamer frustrations to occur, but it really does help the brain to come up with a different plan of attack for respawn in the game. Alternative treatments, such as this, help those recovering from traumatic brain injuries to return to everyday life a bit faster. Many have even been able to return to their jobs and continue to excel.

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