Robot Cats for the Elderly

Patti MayonnaiseNovember 19, 2015994 Views
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If you were looking for the perfect gift for an elderly relative this holiday season, the Hasbro toy company may have the right idea for Grandma. With the debut of their line of robotic cats, the company claims they are “designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun for your elder loved ones.”
Calling it Joy For All, the innovative new robot pet line is being pitched as a way to keep older people company. These robotic cats come in three color patterns with “realistic” fur and kitten noises which are “familiar, cat-like actions.” Luckily, these robotic kittens don’t have a knack for climbing curtains or leaving hairballs in your favorite slippers. The retail price is set at $99.99 and is billed as companion animals for seniors as opposed to toys.
Hasbro’s website refers to the animatronic animals as “companion pets.” Every robotic cat has sensors which respond to touch. When petting its cheek, it nuzzles your hand. If you pet its back or its head, it will purr or roll over for a belly rub. In addition, the robot kitties will even “sleep” if you’re not actually interacting with them while waking up in response to touch or movement nearby.



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