Science and Champagne Combined– Who Knew?

Patti MayonnaiseJanuary 3, 2015553 Views

Champagne is the most popular beverage in celebration of the New Year. The bubbly adult beverage is just as much fun in scientific terms as it is to consume. From the sound of the cork popping out of the bottle to watching the bubbles swirl in the glass, it is an experience from start to finish. Whether by accident on purpose, there is real science used in making a great bottle of champagne.

600 Chemical Compounds champagne1

A total of 600 chemical compounds are used while making champagne. These aid in making the tiny bubbles contained within the liquid. They also contribute to the extra “fizzy” factor of champagne with carbonated boosters.

The chemicals help appeal to all of your senses. When the bubbles get close to your face as you sip it, they burst lightly. This releases the smell, or aroma, of the champagne. The increased sensation and mouthfeel of champagne wake up the taste buds and receptors with feelings of enjoyment and excitement.

This all comes from a careful combination and scientific calculation of these chemicals so that they remain safe for consumption. Most consumers don’t think about how something is made in this case, it is mainly how it tastes and enhances social outings.

The Flying Cork

champagneA cork being released from a champagne bottle can fly as far as 50-feet. The pressure comes from the carbonation inside the bottle and the compression used to insert the cork. This causes the pressure inside the bottle to build. Following the popping of the cork, a waterfall of foam leaves the bottle. This foam is created from the carbonation inside the liquid as it the pressure decreases.

Champagne is an amazing beverage once you really take a look at it from a scientific point of view. The multiple elements that are kept under a cork in a glass bottle are entertainment and education in one package.

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