Scientists Say That Earwax is linked to Ancestral Identity

Patti MayonnaiseJanuary 3, 2015780 Views

According to researchers, your ancestral identity can be determined simply by taking a sample of the disgusting waxy buildup within your ears. Reportedly, those individuals with a yellow and sticky wax are either Caucasian or African American in terms of race. On the other hand, earwax with a flaky consistency that is dry and white in hue is distinguished as East Asian or Native American. In addition, black or white individuals are more likely to have a smelly buildup by nature. While it may seem like a silly and insignificant component of the human genome to analyze, it is interesting nonetheless.  _69667253_ear

Chemists from the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia are uncovering a great deal about a person’s ethnicity just by catching a glimpse of the inner ear. Surprisingly, the previously mentioned factoid concerning the odors associated with particular ethnicities and their earwax was studied in depth by the center. It is renowned that the inspiration for the center’s study of earwax and its smell or lack thereof began with the discovery that an individual utilizes the exact same gene in earwax production that is used in the process of underarm odors. This specific body secretion is a grey area for most scientists as it has gone so long without much analysis. However, this is changing each day with studies such as the one performed in Philadelphia. In the end, scientists hope to hone in on the vast array of data that this untapped resource can offer geneticists.

imagesU1X6D9YYRecently, researchers were able to uncover a wealth of knowledge with a simple but enormous earwax plug which was obtained from a blue whale. This sample contained an abundance of life history about the whale such as stress levels (by measuring levels of cortisol) and contaminants within the creature’s favorite haunts. Researchers hope to eventually gain this kind of data from a simple microscopic sample of human earwax. With such in depth information readily available to scientists explaining our ancient ancestral roots, the art of genetic science may forever be revolutionized by a bit of disgusting buildup.

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