Scientists Say Unicorns Really Existed

Patti MayonnaiseMarch 29, 20161,205 Views
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Though researchers are certain these creatures once walked the Earth, they were not at all the mythical beasts pictured in medieval tapestries. Instead, they actually more closely resembled a fuzzy looking rhino.

It was previously believed that the Siberian unicorn went extinct approximately 350,000 years ago. However, it seems that new fossil evidence discovered in Kazakhstan would suggest these creatures lived far longer than imagined. In fact, they likely didn’t die out until about 29,000 years ago.

As opposed to the equestrian styled imagery we are so familiar with, the Siberian unicorn more than resembles rhinos. In fact, they’re closely related too. Standing at about 6 feet tall and just short of 15 feet long, these incredibly massive animals donned one large horn located between their eyes.

Scientists believe that these mammoth unicorn creatures simply responded to environmental shifts by seeking out refuge just South of Western Siberia. It is hoped that through understanding what brought about their demise, researchers may be able to prevent other extinctions of more modern animals.

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