Scientists Use Acid to Make Diamonds

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A new theory points to the idea of using acid to create diamonds. If this theory pans out, diamonds will be available more in the future than they ever have been in the past. Very deep water has been discovered to have enough acid in it that diamonds are formed as a result. Those diamonds will be able to be unearthed and used on land.

The idea behind diamond formation is that it is caused by the loss and gain of oxygen in the mantle of the earth. Due to less carbon dioxide in the mantle, diamonds are being formed. They often wash up on land as the result of a nearby volcanic explosion. The type of rock that results from this type of explosion is kimberlife, otherwise known as an igneous rock. The problem scientists are now facing is that the loss and gain of oxygen, referred to as a redox, reaction, are hard to understand.

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Uncovered by a man at Johns Hopkins University named Dimitri Sverjesnsky, is a new theory to accompany previous theories on the formation of diamonds. This theory states that when pH levels drop they become increasingly acidic. This reaction causes small diamonds to be formed underground. Though there is no direct evidence to support this theory as of yet; there is sound reasoning behind it. This reasoning is that at certain depths between 60 and 120 miles below the surface of a body of water, its pH levels are changed. When traveling between rocks under water hydrogen ions are removed. When this happens, the resulting fluid helps form new diamonds. The acidification of the water results in high temperatures and pressure that contradict the loss or gain of oxygen in the water. This theory implies that changes in water’s chemistry alone are enough to create diamonds, a theory that was never realized until now.

Scientists are having difficulty proving that this method is effective in the creation of new diamonds. The only clue that scientists have is the fluid packets that diamonds are made up of.

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