Self Driving Cars and Big Business

Patti MayonnaiseJune 12, 2015700 Views

Anytime new technology comes on the market, there is always a section for cheers and jeers, while both keep a watchful eye with the same intensity. When the idea of self-driving cars hit the market, there was a lot of interest in exactly how this would work out. Now that self-driving cars are being produced and the market for such is growing, there is much more to talk about than the cars themselves.

Self-driving taxis and chauffeurs

The first business that is likely to be affected by self-driving cars is the taxi business. Both taxi cabs and chauffeured vehicles are likely to become self-driving vehicles which is the reason this field is permeated by the need for cars. Many people are looking to be chauffeured in order to get from Point A to Point B without driving.  A self-driving fleet will make this possible despite the drivers. However, outside ofGoogle500KmilesLexus driverless taxi cars, a number of other fields will become affected by the mass production of cars that need no humans.

Field changes because of self-driving

There are a number of different careers that can use self-driving cars, and possibly replace the humans that are in those careers at the current time. Mail trucks are one of the notorious vehicles that can be seen in each neighborhood. In the future, there could be self-driving mail trucks and a mechanical process that delivers mail rather than the mail person. This of course, would change the economy for the entire U.S Postal Service and will create automation where there has always previously been the human touch.

Long-distance driving such as deliveries, buses, and trains may also be ditching human drivers and moving over to driverless cars. Long-distance driving is a career that is almost always seeing a shortfall of drivers and automated vehicles can eliminate the need for recruiting and hiring drivers. Of course, economies will change and shift majorly in the event that driverless cars are different.

130827135152-self-driving-nissan-leaf-620xaGood or bad for the economy?

Whether self-driving cars will be good or bad for the economy remains to be seen. There is no doubt that some positions will be eliminated due to the need for drivers all but completely diminishing. Some industries such as truck driving may have less and less human involvement. Mail delivery already includes drones and with the invention of driverless mail delivery, the entire USPS system may see a drastic change. Some careers will be eliminated, while others, such as those who build these cars will flourish and need more individuals. The economic changes are something that cannot be guessed and remain to be seen.

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