Self-Driving Cars are Interrupting the Government’s Menial Traffic Tickets

Patti MayonnaiseJuly 22, 20151,056 Views

While the general public and businesses are looking forward to self-driving cars, there are some companies that are not looking forward to what self-driving cars will do to their revenue. Insurance companies are the first who are less than enthusiastic. Insurance companies make good money off of being able to charge high rates for drivers who are less than perfect. Since self-driving cars obey all traffic laws and go no faster than the speed limit at all, insurance companies will have a harder time finding fault with their “record”.

The second company that isn’t so keen on self-driving cars are the local governments. It is no secret that traffic enforcement brings in a large amount of money to local governments. In 2014, Los Angeles alone collected around 161 million dollars from traffic tickets and enforcement. Running a red light in California will cost around $490. Those charged with their first DUI will be charged around $15,000 for the first offense. If driving under the influence and under 21 years of age, you will be charged $21,000. In California, towing fees bring in around $40 million per year. Hundreds of thousands of dollars from poor driving are poured into the city’s coffers and used for a number of public funding efforts including public transportation, pay for public officials, public schools, and more.

Self Driving Car

The loss in revenue can be immediately accepted as a bad thing, or you can dig deeper. On one hand, it is obvious that the money will need to be made up in other manners. This may be done by charging drivers by mileage, or by raising taxes and funding in other ways. No one is going to like being charged, no matter when or where this takes place, any more than people like having to pay $400 for a car towing for an hour now.


In other ways, less revenue from speeding and other tasks, takes cops off of the roads as traffic revenue officers and puts them back on the field as officers there for public safety. Government branches receiving less money will also mean that the government must take a look at where funding is going, and cutting back on areas that are not as necessary/important. It is also possible that governments will make little changes and will simple cut spending in areas that already see spending cuts, while keeping line items they already deem “important” but are not. In other words, it is possible to be more of the same.

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