Sony Develops High Tech Smart Contacts That Do More Than Enhance Vision

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Though the smart contact lens was seemingly a futuristic impossibility featured in films like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, it now appears that the stuff science fiction blockbusters is now a tangible reality. Sony’s latest patent application attempts to take this similar concept but adds on a video recording system for that extra flair.

The patent from Sony details a pair of lenses comprised of an organic electroluminescence display screen which allows the user to view videos, images and any other information. With the onboard video recorder, users will gain the ability to record what they are seeing with autofocus, exposure and aperture adjustment while zooming in as necessary for optimizing video quality.


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Unlike a car dash cam, Sony’s smart contact lens will be controlled by the user with a simple blink of an eye. As piezoelectric sensors are embedded in each lens to measure eyelid closure time, differentials between average eye blinks and extended eye blinks with the intention of control can be more easily detected. Even unwanted frames in a video can be deleted by the wearer with a mere blink.


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Each lens is also equipped with a gyro for detecting when the user tilts their head. This allows the smart lenses to realign any recording video to maintain the proper orientation. But how will these high tech devices retain their power? Well, by utilizing electromagnetic induction to keep lenses in operation all throughout the day, users or wearers are not burdened with lugging around a massive power unit for recharging.


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Eyewear embedded technology isn’t limited to the drawing boards of Sony schemers though. In fact, Samsung has revealed their own patent application currently working towards a competitive smart contact lens offering built-in video recorder. Scientists with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology marching forward with these progressions for medical science have used their vast experience to develop a pair of these smart lenses.

The lenses had 2.8x zoom designed to improve the quality of life for patients with degenerative eye diseases.
Of course, we cannot leave Google out of the race for higher tech devices. They invented a lens powered by the sun.

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