Teen Won $400k for Video Explanation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Patti MayonnaiseNovember 30, 20151,680 Views
Image via Ryan Chester/YouTube.com Image via Ryan Chester/YouTube.com

If Einstein’s theory of relativity still confuses you when it arises in such films as Interstellar, a teenager from North Royalton, Ohio has a video to explain it to amateur students of science. Channeling Carl Sagan’s ability to convey complexities in a simplistic manner, Ryan Chester submitted the video for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge.
This challenge asks students aging from 13 to 18 to share their love of math and science with the planet. Receiving more than 2,000 applications from 86 countries, the competition eventually narrowed it down to 15 finalists before Ryan ultimately won the big prize. Ryan Chester wrote the script for the short, filmed, edited and developed all of the visual effects and motion graphics for the video.
In the end, the teen won $400,000. $250k is set to go towards college with $50k going to his teacher Richard Nestoff and $100k to his school’s science lab.



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