The Top Ten Nikola Tesla Inventions That Changed the World

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Though he was a pariah among the other energy power brokers of his era such as Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan, Nikola Tesla was his own captain of industry. Dying on January 7th of 1943, the United States government moved quickly to seize the research and confidential data in his scientific lab. Only over the last few decades, the FBI has released some of this information via the Freedom of Information Act.

Aside from being persecuted by major corporate government interests, we do have at least one promising indication of the Tesla’s authenticity and integrity. Tearing up a contract worth billions of dollars with Westinghouse, he opted to save the corporation from compensating for massive royalty payments. Still, the mad scientist and epic genius who we celebrate today on his birthday died penniless and all alone despite his immense contributions to the world as we know it today.


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Let There Be Light
Although Nikola Tesla did not invent light per say, he did greatly contribute to its harnessing and distribution. Developing the first used fluorescent bulbs right in his very own lab approximately 40 years prior to the industry’s introduction of the product, Tesla displayed these items as glass tubes at the World’s Fair creating the planet’s first neon signs.

However, his most renowned and prized accreditation is referred to as the Tesla Coil which was just as impressive as it was controversial. While big industry did attempt to suppress these findings, his concept conveyed the planet itself as a magnet generating electricity (electromagnetism) that utilized frequencies much like a transmitter.
Alternating Current
Nikola Tesla’s work with alternating current is where it all began during the 1893 World’s Expo in Chicago. Causing quite the ruckus, there was inevitably a war that started between Edison’s vision and Tesla’s for how electricity should be used, produced and distributed. Most broke this division down to one of cost and safety as the DC current utilized by Edison and backed by GE was working in a more expensive manner over long distances producing dangerous igniting from the required converter. This was known as a commutator. Attempting to instill fear in Tesla’s backers, Edison used Nikola’s methods in the electrocution of animals as “proof.” Tesla’s electric offer would have provided the world with safer power at a lower cost.
During the late 1800s, electromagnetic and ionizing radiation was being heavily researched. With Tesla researching the entirety of the gamut, he perused Kirlian photography (the capability to document life force like medical diagnostics) and transformative inventions that played a central role in the future of X-Rays. His beliefs that everything we needed to understand about our universe surrounded us at any given time played a major role in the real world devices that we use today.


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Remote Control
As a natural outcropping of the radio’s technology, Tesla patented remote control as No. 613809 with the world’s first remote controlled boat model in 1898. Through the use of a number of large batteries, radio signals and control switches, he was able to energize the boat’s propeller, rudder and scaled down running lights. This type of power was critical to the kind of remote controlled warfare used throughout World War II. In fact, further developments in this genre soon slid far away from our basic human freedoms.
Though Guglielmo Marconi was originally credited with the initial makings of a radio we use today, the Supreme Court eventually overturned Marconi’s patent back in 1943 due to emerging proof that Tesla invented the device years before. As radio signals are simply frequencies requiring a transmitter and receiver, Tesla was able to demonstrate in 1893 in a presentation before the National Electric Light Association his proof. His two patents in 1897 were both approved initially though in 1904 the U.S. Patent Office reversed their decision awarding these to Marconi for the radio. It was later assumed that the Patent Office was largely influenced by Marconi’s hefty financial backers that included Edison and Carnegie.

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