Top 5 Secrets of Nikola Tesla

Patti MayonnaiseJuly 10, 20151,450 Views
Nikola Tesla

1.  He removed Mark Twain’s bowel obstruction

That’s right. The famous author confided his discomfort to his buddy Tesla and Tesla’s response was to invite him to have a seat on his ‘earthquake’ machine. Apparently it worked too. At least, it worked to remove the obstruction. In actuality, the ‘earthquakes’ Tesla’s machine made were just shaking the building thoroughly. Think a really big washing machine with a really off balance spin cycle.

2.  Tesla and Edison weren’t enemies, in fact they were kinda sorta friends.

People like to talk about Edison stealing ideas or patents from Tesla, but the truth is that it was more like they grew apart. They started off working together on direct current motors until Tesla opted out of their partnership to focus on alternating current motors.


3.  Many of Tesla’s papers are still classified

Tesla died in 1943 and yet some of his papers remain classified to this day. When he died, everything was seized by the U.S. Government’s office of alien property. That’s peculiar and obvious fodder for conspiracy theorists.

4.  He was born during a lightning storm.

Well, that was portentous. Perhaps he should have been named ‘Sparky’ Tesla.

5.  He had serious obsessive compulsive issues.

Like really serious issues. He had a hate for round objects and he loved the number 3. He couldn’t stand to touch hair and 18 was special to him as well. Every evening before he would eat dinner, he would thoroughly clean the dining room with precisely 18 napkins.


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