What Happens When Molten Copper Meets a Big Mac?

Patti MayonnaiseMarch 16, 2016958 Views
Image via YouTube.com Image via YouTube.com

If it sounds rather absurd to combine a belly busting McDonald’s Big Mac with molten bubbling copper, that’s probably because it is. However, the bizarre combo is exactly what a YouTube user has done, resulting in quite the spectacle for viewers to behold (not to mention the burned burger.) As the molten copper initially seems to repel from the fast food favorite, many have taken the results as an indication of the Big Mac’s unnatural composites.
Despite the fact that the fluid maintains a temperature of a piping 1,984 degrees Fahrenheit, the burger still does not break down in a timely manner. This causes many to wonder of the horrific effects a Big Mac may have on an individual’s digestive tract. A renowned phenomenon known as the Leidenfrost effect, copper is not the sole fluid which can be utilized.
In fact, any fluid that comes into contact with another object of a drastically different temperature will produce a similar effect. Check out the video below for a mind blowing burger experiment you won’t soon forget.




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