Wondering What To Do with Those Leftover Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns?

Patti MayonnaiseNovember 2, 2015761 Views
Photo Courtesy of Youtube.com The Royal Institution Photo Courtesy of Youtube.com The Royal Institution


Now that all Hallows Eve has passed us by, you may very well be finding yourself with some leftover jack-o-lanterns. Well instead of letting the kids smash them on your driveway creating a big mess for you to clean up or even just throwing them away, how about some entertainment? The Royal Institution discovered an incredibly original new way of celebrating Halloween (or in this case, its end.)

By exploding pumpkins with thermite in the video below, you’ll gain both the tricks and the treats you may have missed this past spooky Saturday. The short video shows a jack-o-lantern blasting with a thermite reaction between iron oxide and aluminum powder. Since the reaction requires a great deal of energy to get started, it all begins with the lighting of a piece of magnesium ribbon which in turn creates the perfect high temperature necessary.

And just for good measure, the team at The Royal Institution stuffed the pumpkin’s bottom with some gun cotton. Hey, it’s all in the name of science… Right?



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