Your Easy Guide to Expatriation if Trump Becomes President

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The latest phrase both heard and seen everywhere has some polarizing effects depending on the ears and eyes it falls upon. “Make America Great Again” is a slogan which can leave one ready to wretch or cheer with pride. Whichever side of the aisle you fall on, it’s no secret that many well-known figures in the entertainment industry and far beyond have solemnly vowed to flee the country if “the Donald” wins the Whitehouse. Frankly, there is a plethora of sound reasons it might actually be in their best interest to do so.


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Tycoon Takes Tuesday

The real estate tycoon turned reality star and now politician won over at least seven states this Super Tuesday. Despite his plentiful critics waiting in the wings with bounds of sufficient evidence that states implicitly just why he does not deserve the nation’s highest office, he continues to inch closer and closer to the infamous border.
After declaring his candidacy last June, the mogul has managed to insult everyone from John McCain to Pope Francis to Megyn Kelly. (We don’t even have to mention his LOUD, preposterous opinions of the Mexican and Muslim community in their entirety.)


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The Donald’s Debut Last Summer

Upon declaring his candidacy just last summer, Trump kicked the campaign off with a bang so to speak as he angrily denounced Mexicans as both rapists and drug dealers in a single broad stroke. One of his few known stances began right then and there with some harsh warnings for immigration under a prospective Trump presidency. In fact, The Donald’s vile warnings even prompted a tiny Canadian island to develop a website welcoming Trump haters.


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A Factual Not-So-Long-Ago History Lesson

These overwhelmingly commonplace threats made by concerned citizens to ex-patriate the U.S. are sadly nothing new. The late, great director, Robert Altman kicked off the trend in the 2000 election. He was the first celebrity to speak out against a George W. Bush presidency. However, his threat proved to be an empty one when he died in his Hollywood home six years into the presidency.


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Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame renounced his American citizenship back in 2006 to protest Bush’s reelection. Ultimately, the Minnesota native had moved to London far before the election took place anyhow.

But this brings about an important question: How does an anti-Trump American escape to more progressive and blue pastures if it really goes South in 2016? Plus, which Donald-less country would prove best for a new expat? Continue reading for our ultimate cheat sheet certain to have you cozying up in a new home before First Lady Melania can put on her designer wear for the inaugural ball.


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Most Popular Option for Expats

Your first step includes picking the ideal destination. Try researching some of the most popular countries for expats like Singapore. This island promises the highest quality of life for all expats and stand 2 million migrants strong. The Asian country has earned itself a warm reputation for its high paying jobs, friendly locals, spectacular health care facilities and inclusive public transit system.



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Cheapest Option for Expats

If you’re looking for something more economical, Ecuador makes for a top pick. The cost of living is astonishingly low and it maintains a high score for happiness among residents. Ranked number 1 for cost of living, Ecuador’s percentage of expats who can’t afford the basics weighs in at a mere 9% as opposed to the global average of 23%.  According to an InterNations survey, “Expats living in Ecuador find it the easiest out of all 64 destinations worldwide to settle down in this country.”


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Safest Country for Expats
Ranking at number one in health, safety and wellbeing in the InterNations poll, Austria is the safest bet if you’re seeking shelter from the political hail storm. Keep in mind that the U.S. doesn’t even place on this survey. With an astounding 98% reporting positively regarding their personal safety and 95% believing the political system to be stable there, it could be a swell place to settle down. Expats say childcare availability is both affordable and top notch along with the quality of education.


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Most American Country Outside of the U.S.

As nearly 849,000 Americans live happily south of the border and the prospective “wall” Trump has proposed, it’s worth thinking about. With more U.S. natives living there than any other country, you can easily gain a sense of security from your fellow Americans. Besides, the vast majority of Mexico offers all the comforts of home. Just visit a New York Pizza if you start feeling blue. Added Bonus: Fleeing to Mexico will surely enrage proposed President Trump.


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Gather the Proper Documents

Work visas are often the most secure method to escape a Trump-ocalypse. Although it can sometimes be hard to obtain. Here’s a leg up. Try teaching English in order to secure a job overseas. TELF (Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification) is a fabulously quick way to land a gig in numerous European, Asian and South American countries.

Click here for more information on what you’ll need and what to do. Good luck!

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